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Naked Cakes

Naked cakes are a fresh simple option for those that don't like the sweetness that icing covered cakes bring.   These cakes are still versatile and can be decorated simply with fresh non toxic flowers/edible and or fruits and figs. 

There are 3 types of naked cake,  totally naked (as pictured) semi-naked which has the sponges lightly covered with buttercream but allows the sponge to show through - and finally the totally covered sponges - but no fondant. 




 Modern and Contemporary

Our modern and contemporary designs follow the trends and colour panetone colour of the year.  

We use up to date techniques to achieve the look our couples want which reflect their their theme but also to reflect the personality of those being united. 


Floral and Traditional

Our more traditional and floral designs are very popular.  All the flowers are handmade in sugar. 


When embarking the process of making sugar flowers, we contact the couples florist to try and match the florals being provided.    


Something a little different

For those couples that want to inject some of their personality or history into their wedding cakes. 


This portfolio is to highlight the versatility of how we can design your cake to fit your story.    



Ruffles are a very popular theme  They look pretty on both modern and traditional looking cakes.  There are many styles of ruffle, ruffle roses or soft ruffleskinds of ruffles, even vertical ruffles.